Opriti Militaxa – zic conservatorii britanici

This week it was revealed that Ed Miliband wants hardworking taxpayers to finance the Labour Party.
He has been too weak to stand up to Len McCluskey and his union paymasters – and as a result, he is now asking hardworking taxpayers to bail him out.
He’s proposed a £5,000 cap on political donations, which would mean massively increasing taxpayer funding of political parties.
He wants YOU to pay for his spin doctors, his speechwriters, his conferences, his leaflets, and his party political broadcasts.
We cannot let that happen. We cannot let the result of the trade union scandal be that every taxpayer in the country pays for the Labour Party. Please share this graphic on Twitter and Facebook to stop Ed Miliband’s plans:

militax300It’s the same old Labour Party. They want more taxes, to pay for more politicians, spending more of your money.
But together we can stop them. Please do this one thing now and share this graphic with your friends and family.





PS Every hardworking taxpayer needs to join our campaign – so please share this image as widely as possible.