De la Angelica Laburista

Hi Mr. Nobody,

I joined the Labour Party more than three decades ago because I was angry at the injustice around me.

My parents weren’t given the chance of a good education because they were from the wrong class. I was told I couldn’t play chess against boys because girls’ brains were smaller! I wanted to fight against an unfair, unequal society where people didn’t reach their potential simply because they didn’t have the money.

That’s why I share the values of this party – and I want to know why you do too. Tell us now:
Mr. Nobody: Why are you Labour?

I'm Labour because...

Conference kicks off on Sunday and even if you’re not in the room, we want you involved.

I’m as passionate now as the day I joined. I’m Labour because I want to change the world.

Tell us why you’re Labour, and your story could be displayed on the big screens, shown to everyone at our conference:

Looking forward to reading your story.