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I know how hard it is to run a successful small business: the 60-hour weeks, juggling family life and staying awake at night worrying about how you are going to pay the next wage bill or take on your next employee.
That’s why cutting National Insurance for every business by up to £2,000 is such great news. It means 450,000 small businesses – that’s one third of all employers – will pay no National Insurance at all.

It’s precisely the sort of policy that made me want to become the Conservative Party’s Small Business Ambassador – because I know it is the Conservatives that understand that without small businesses, Britain would not be what it is today.

By cutting every business’s National Insurance by up to £2,000, this Government has shown it will back British business to repair what went so wrong in the British economy – securing a recovery that works for all hardworking people.


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Karren Brady

From: David Cameron
Subject: Let’s help businesses create jobs
Britain’s small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy. Their success will determine our success – and their expansion will give us the best prospect of more jobs and lower unemployment.

For many small businesses, taking on new staff is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome. We’ve got to do more to help them. When someone is trying to create jobs in our economy, the Government should be making it easier not harder.

That’s why we’re cutting National Insurance for every business by up to £2,000 from April. This will mean that 450,000 small businesses will pay no National Insurance at all – a third of all employers.

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Our economy is turning a corner – but the struggle of the past few years will only be worth it if we finish the job we started. That means helping small businesses create more good jobs around the country.

This goes right to the heart of what our Government is about – building a recovery that all hardworking people can share in.


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David Cameron


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    Am trecut pe la d-na Ana Ipatescu. Gazeta in paragină, crini ofiliti, lampa mica. Agitatie mare in spelunca de la caturile de jos, dar cu vecinatatea de joasa extractziune pe care o cunoasteti nu era nimic care sa mă faca a zabovi macar de’un tzoi de mastiha. Oi mai încerca.

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